Bart's Bootable PE Builder CD: DIRMS disk defragger v1.2.2.0 plugin

05/14/04  v1.5 = Someone else suggested a new batch file - no longer 
		requires any intermediate files, yay.

DIRMS is a freeware command-line interface (CLI) disk defragmenting utility. It defrags FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS drives and is designed to run under Windows NT 4 pro/server, Windows 2000 pro/server, and XP home/pro (and win2003). *(There may be problems with particularly old/slow NT4 systems.) It's fairly easy to use from the command prompt (and probably faster than anything with a GUI); plugin installs it into the path, so you can just open a command prompt window from any path. The help file was converted into RTF and added to the System menu. It does not show percent or a progress bar, but lists what files it's moving/defragging. In general, calling DIRMS with the drive letter and "-q" switch will defrag the drive once, quickly maximize free space, and defrags a second time. If you're curious about its efficiency, you can open a GUI defragger first (e.g. the XP one), do an analysis, then run DIRMS separately and do another analysis afterwards. Truly free disk defraggers aren't common, though - if you want something fancier, pay for Vopt or O&O or a similar product.

Hint: You can add immediate-defrag commands to the menu XML directly, or create batch files. You can also defrag more than one drive at the same time just by calling different command line windows, e.g. using DIRMS directly from the Run dialog. Empty your trash and other temp caches for the defrag to go even faster.

DIRMS homepage (Full plugin, no extra downloads needed)

- oion

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