Bart's Bootable PE Builder CD: Dynusplit plugin

v1.0 of plugin: "DynuSplit will cut a large file into smaller pieces to enable ease of portability. The final set of files generated are independent and donot need this program to be put together. Rejoin.bat file generated along with final set of files can be executed to merge the files together into the original large file. Please note that the original large file is not altered in any way."

I tested this on a 1.1 Gigabyte drive image file (broken to one 600MB piece and another "leftover" piece, and the rejoin.bat file) and was able to split and rejoin the pieces successfully. Drive Image 2002 also read the rejoined file as a valid image. Unlike a few other file splitters there is no CRC/checksum checking, but as long as you don't receive any errors it should be fine.

Dynu site (Full plugin, no extra downloads needed)

- oion

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