Bart's Bootable PE Builder CD: Easy Message v2.x plugin

This plugin is best used with a shell that has a taskbar, such as Geoshell or XPE variants. When you close the Easy Message window, it will NOT actually exit the shell, taking up a process. If you are using the default Nu2menu shell, you will probably have to go into the Task Manager to kill the process. If you are in Geoshell or some other shell with a taskbar, then just right-click on the little blue icon in the System Tray and exit. Under normal usage with a set profile, Easy Message always starts out in the system tray of Windows rather than an open window, which is why I recommend AGAINST creating your profile ahead of time in the plugin if you use the Nu2menu shell since you wouldn't be able to access it in BartPE without a taskbar. With a shell, it should work fine either way. For instance, I use this with the Geoshell taskbar plugin edited by ejmyers ("").

v1.1: This plugin was built for Easy Message (v2.3.66), a miniscule multi-protocol instant messaging program with built-in support for: AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN*, POP3 e-mail notification. Please note I've only tested on AIM since I only have an AIM account :P (and tried the POP3 notification, which worked fine) - at least this is small and slick enough to use for a single account, weighing in at around 550kb unpacked.

This plugin should work fine for other versions; it's best to check on newer versions since protocols may change as the original vendors update their services, rendering 3rd-party messengers like this unworkable with a new protocol. The plugin copies to the Ramdisk at B: drive to save the profile, otherwise change the variable in the INF to something else (though it's really only for the sound files which I dislike anyway; it will work without the sound files).

Download the latest Easy Message app from and extract into the plugin folder "files".

[4/9/04]: Turns out this plugin is reverting back to its original version; Easy Message apparently doesn't want to expand its registry environmental variables. But executable works fine without registry entries, so there weren't really any particular errors besides missing wav files or something. Oh well. That means that this version of the plugin is uses the Ramdrive set to B:. You could also change the drive variable in the INF and use Regexpander, or change the ramdisk drive letter to something else and change the INF drive letter accordingly.

- oion

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