Bart's Bootable PE Builder CD: Funduc's S&R (v4.8) plugin

(plugin v1.0): "Search and Replace for Windows is a search (grep) utility that can find (and replace) one or more strings in multiple files, including files in ZIP archives. Operations can be done using simple search-replace, regular expressions, and scripts." It is a SHAREWARE program, and the plugin can probably function fine with either trial or registered version (tested on registered version; trial version can't do replace operations but still useful for searching). *Best used on plaintext-type files such as HTML, TXT, INI, etc.

I've converted part of the help file into an RTF readme with the "quick guide" and search and replace regular expression examples. This along with the original S&R text readme are on the menu. This plugin also adds application settings and the context-menu entries for "Funduc Search and Replace" folder and item right-clicks. (*Tested with version 4.8, extension handlers are identical with v4.2, but v4.8 has a couple additional reg entries compared to v4.2. This shouldn't really matter.)

Other notes: The backup directory is relative to the folder from which you ran s&r. To clarify, the "Write Output files to Backup Path" option leaves all original files in place and sends copies of replaced files to the backup folder. Making sure you have a backup path enabled but unchecking "Write Output..." will send backups of the originals to that folder while leaving the replaced files in their place.

Copy the following files to the files\ folder:

Funduc's homepage (shareware)

- oion

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