Bart's Bootable PE Builder CD: Lexun Freeware plugin: DrvClonerXPwpe, DrvImagerXPwpe, SectorSpyXP

[updated 4/5/04] v1.1

The author of Lexun Freeware no longer has a working URL or e-mail address and for all intents and purposes, development of the Lexun software has stopped since the last update in 2002 or so. There is a registered URL that did not resolve to anything last I checked, and the email associated with it in WHOIS is dead. That means these software utilities have NO official support! Test these first if you can, and you may not want to rely on them as your only whole-drive backup solution. Expect them to not be perfect since they are freeware, after all, and freeware imaging/cloning tools are usually hard to come by.

The original help files are actually useful and pretty detailed. I converted these CHM help files to RTF format because converting to HTML would leave the menu links not-always-working (because not all BartPE builds will have a/the same browser, or point to browsers that are registered as the default html reader), and the compiled HTML help isn't natively supported in default BartPE anyway. All BartPE builds should include Wordpad by default, too. *Finally made a full conversion of the RTF help files, which now include the embedded images. Kind of big file sizes, though. *SectorSpyXP also has an html version helpfile from the author, which means you can also view it in your browser plugin, if any, with the images embedded (customize your menu, etc.).

- oion

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