Bart's Bootable PE Builder CD: NotepadEx v1.7.7.4 plugin

v1.1 of plugin: This plugin does two things.

First, it overwrites the original Windows Notepad with NotepadEx (while you're building with PE Builder, that is) and therefore acts as the default notepad editor for all TXT files in BartPE. Second, it adds an "Open with Notepad" context menu entry for all items, so you can open any file into NotepadEx by right-click, including binary files (which I don't recommend :P). It works for me; of course, you can change the binary to an editor of your choice, but you must rename it and remove the INF registry entries. Because NotepadEx allows some hotkey text pastes, you can add your own single-line entries into the INF (read the notes in the INF for more information).

v1.1 update: fixed the double-quote entry in the registry section to deal with paths with spaces. Also added an XML (adds notepadex to Programs > Accessories).

NotepadEx site (Full plugin, no other downloads needed.)

- oion

PE Builder/BartPE (c) Bart