Bart's Bootable PE Builder CD: Vim for Windows (Vim v6.2) plugin

05/06/04: v2.1 - Thanks to Gary for discovering this issue based on my Opera7 plugin. 
         The self-extracting executable requires the CRTDLL.DLL (C runtime 
         library) file in system32 - if you already have the DOSPE (16-bit DOS support) 
         plugin enabled, that file is added to BartPE and you will never see a problem. 
         This was the case with my previous testing. CRTDLL.DLL is now added to the INF 
         (redundancy with other plugins is no issue). 
05/04/04: v2.0_: Changed plugin format completely. Vim plugin is now 
		a set of SFXes to save space, and you can customize 
		how the executables extract. See Notes below.


If you know just a little about Linux/*nix, then you've heard of Vi. This version is actually called "Vim" for "Vi Improved." It is the purported text editor of choice for hardcore *nix programmers, nerds, and so forth, Vim is also available for Windows users who wish to experiment, learn, or for Linux users who are stuck on a Windows platform for whatever reason and wish to use its power.

This plugin contains the command line version (the "real" version) of Vim 6.2 for Windows. If you haven't used Vi before and don't like keyboarding commands and prefer mousing, this isn't for you. It requires the Ramdisk because, it writes a temporary file in its own directory while you're editing a file. I've added a short "crashcourse" readme to the menu (which opens Vim) for those less familiar with it.


v2.01 - I completely changed the Vim plugin to save some space; specifically, the plugin is now made up of a main self-extracting EXE and two separate ones. This plugin will take up about 2.25MB on CD and around 1.4MB in Ramdrive if you choose not to extract the two other SFX files. subdirs.exe contains the macros, colors, and other directories while docs.exe contains the help files; together the nested SFX files are about 1.7 MB. The subdirectory "tutor" is in the main vim62.exe. Extracting only the subdirs SFX will make the plugin take up around 5MB in Ramdrive, and extracting the help documentation on top of that will make the plugin take up around 9+MB total.

The plugin will require user intervention the first time you run it in BartPE; if you want to skip the SFX directories in the batch files, just read the .cmd file contents and you'll see my notes about what to uncomment for the batch to behave a certain way. Or, you can just delete the subdirs.exe and docs.exe self-extracting files to save additional space and remove those sections in the batch files. The target drive %temp% (Ramdrive) and no-overwrite commands are embedded in the self-extracting executables themselves. (Full plugin, no other downloads needed.)

- oion

PE Builder/BartPE (c) Bart