Bart's Bootable PE Builder CD: WinSCP 3.5.6 plugin

v1.1 of plugin: WinSCP is a secure FTP application using the SCP or SFTP (SSH1/2) protocols. The server you connect to must support those secure protocols, however, and as such not all servers may work in WinSCP. In those cases, you should use the WS_FTP LE plugin. This plugin includes v3.5.6 of WinSCP, but may work with other versions; just download the binary-only and replace. If there are new or different default settings, however, you can delete the entire registry entry section below. WinSCP does not actually need the registry strings in the plugin to function, but this plugin was set up that way to keep settings intact (e.g. the text file masks, etc.).

WinSCP site (Full plugin, no other downloads needed.)

- oion

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