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replace hard drive/copy Outlook Express email

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Topic author: Connie
Subject: replace hard drive/copy Outlook Express email
Posted on: 05/23/2007 22:34:40

I am replacing the hard drive in the P2120.
I have XP Pro and Outlook Express 6.
How do I save my email in Microsoft Outlook Express?
I have already saved the other things I want to a CD.

The answer..

I found
This is one first step. In the alternate, make the Mail Backup
folder directly from Outlook Express 5 or Outlook Express 6.

Export the mail account to a file:

1. On the Tools menu, click Accounts.
2. On the Mail tab, click the mail account that you want to export, and then click Export.
3. In the Save In box, select the Mail Backup folder, and then click Save.
4. Repeat these steps for each mail account that you want to export.
5. Click Close.

How to back up Outlook Express items:

Step A: Copy message files to a backup folder. Locate the Store folder.

1. Start Outlook Express.
2. Click Tools, and then click Options.
3. On the Maintenance tab, click Store Folder.
4. In the Store Location dialog box, copy the store location. To do this, follow these steps:
a. Put the mouse pointer at one end of the box under the Your personal message store is located in the following folder box.
b. Press and hold the left mouse button, and then drag the mouse pointer across the Your personal message store is located in the following folder box.
c. Press CTRL+C to copy the location.
5. Click Cancel, and then click Cancel again to close the dialog box.

Step B: Copy the contents of the Store Folder.

1. Click Start, click Run, press CTRL+V, and then click OK.
2. On the Edit menu, click Select All.
3. On the Edit menu, click Copy, and then close the window.

Step C: Create a backup folder.

1. Right-click any empty area on your desktop, click New, and then click Folder.
2. Type Mail Backup for the folder name, and then press ENTER.

Step D: Paste the contents of the Store folder into the backup folder.

1. Double-click the Mail Backup folder to open it.
2. Right-click inside the Mail Backup folder window, and then click Paste.

Import messages from the backup folder:

1. On the File menu, point to Import, and then click Messages.
2. In the Select an e-mail program to import from box, click Microsoft Outlook Express 5 or Microsoft Outlook Express 6, and then click Next.
3. Click Import mail from an OE5 store directory or Import mail from an OE6 store directory, and then click OK.
4. Click Browse, and then click the Mail Backup folder.
5. Click OK, and then click Next.
6. Click All folders, click Next, and then click Finish.

There is other information at that link, for keeping your address book, newsgroups, block senders list and other email rules, also.


Reply author: NigelS
Replied on: 05/27/2007 17:35:02

So - tried & proven Connie? Thanks for posting!

Reply author: roberts
Replied on: 06/01/2007 10:19:05

Useful information for me, Thanks.


Reply author: sarahgindin
Replied on: 06/28/2007 01:07:36

Hellobfz - this is just a testing, dont worry about it

Reply author: sarahgindin
Replied on: 08/13/2007 13:24:21

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