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Welcome to the original Plugin Depot… Well, I started the database in 2004 or so, but I fell behind in keeping the entire collection updated, so this is now a static archival collection of old plugins—the last official update was in January 2006. It became a lot of work for me to maintain this because I tried to study each plugin and test whenever possible, unlike merely linking to a download for the sake of numbers.

I don’t believe these plugins will work with Bart’s latest PE Builder, but fortunately, I had stored an older version locally (3.1.9, linked below and available on the official PE Builder site). Given the way live CDs work, a BartPE disc made from these old plugins, old XP files, and the older Builder should work just fine on even newer systems. I think the only types of plugins that are more likely to fail are the specific driver plugins, since 2004-ish hardware will be pretty ancient compared to 2009-2010+ hardware. If you want to boot from a USB drive, you’ll need to look at the newer PE Builder and related plugins instead of what’s stored here.

The rest of the content on this page is old stuff, though I converted to my current PHP template (and cut down the original FAQ quite a bit); if you have any problems downloading something, let me know what you want to try through the contact page, and I’ll try to help. Disclaimer: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. 🙂 I seem to remember at least one of the plugins give a false positive for a virus, but you’ll have to check and decide what to use on your own as these are third party. Also, be aware that “empty” plugins that require you to copy-paste application files are assuming those applications are from the 2004-ish era; using the latest application versions for these plugins probably will not work. You may be able to find the files you need at archival sites like

-oion (2010)

All BartPE plugins are hosted LOCALLY on this server to avoid broken links and unnecessarily leeching bandwidth from other sites.

FAQ, Legend, and other stuff below!
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Download Bart’s PE Builder v3.1.9 right now (02/2006).

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Search Form Legend

  • Complete: This setting indicates whether you’re looking for a complete plugin that contains both the PE Builder files and application data files or just the Builder files; in the vast majority of cases (especially on the BartPE forum), actual application files aren’t included for both convenience and legal reasons.
  • Archiving: Software for all sorts of archives (ZIP, CAB, RAR, etc.)
  • Bartpe: Plugins specifically related to PE Builder and the building of a BartPE – e.g. adding, removing or tweaking features, etc. May overlap with Windows category for subsequent usability. (*Legal only)
  • CLI: Command Line Interface utilities. These utilities are run from the command line/console and have no GUI; usually may be used in batch files. Actual applications will vary largely in both size and function.
  • Data: Data backup, recovery, forensics, synchronization, etc.
  • Disk: Whole-disk/partition utilities such as partitioning, imaging, cloning, defrag.
  • Drivers: Hardware drivers for Windows (XP/2k3), specifically to allow BartPE to boot and properly load on specific systems for which XP does not have appropriate drivers.
  • Interface: Shells, file managers, consoles, and other utilities that deal with the interface.
  • Malware: Software that deal with all sorts of malware, particularly spyware/adware, trojans, viruses, etc.
  • Misc: Noncategorized, miscellaneous utilities. E.g. Office suites, clocks, calculators, text editors, etc.
  • Network: Includes all inter/intranetworking software and utilities, such as Windows networking support, VNC, network security protocols, internet communications (e-mail, chat, etc.), Web browsers, FTP, firewalls. The broadest category next to Misc, most plugins probably fall in here.
  • System: Whole-system or subset information software, such as hardware benchmarking, complete system information, may overlap with some Windows utilities.
  • Viewers: Read-only viewers for graphics, Office documents, PDF, and other file types.
  • Windows: Windows-specific utilities, may overlap with other categories. Includes things like password retrieval and reset, registry hive editing (“remote”/local machine), device management, etc. (*Up to Windows XP only; assume these old plugins won’t work for Vista and newer.)
  • Freeware: The term “Freeware” in this context includes limited license noncommercial-use, open source, public domain, and general copyrighted free software. Generally this means free software without “nags” or ads, overly crippled features, or time limitations. Includes “old” versions still offered but not necessarily supported by a company. Also includes free “betas” that are fully functional and require no payment, but where a future full version is Buyware. Includes “register to download” freeware that requires you to fill a form, but not pay. Please note that “Freeware” here does NOT actually equal “open source” or noncopyrighted software, only that the usage license does not require payment. I generally don’t include “educational use only” in this Category if the limitation is specifically to students or educational institutions, since that legal usage window is fairly small compared to just personal use licenses.
    *Note: Some plugins contain or apply to freeware that are related to Buyware. In that case, I tend to not mark as either Freeware or Buyware since you must buy the Buyware to use the Freeware anyway. **If you intend on using “Freeware” software in a corporate environment, please read the individual software licenses as that would probably be considered “commercial” use!
  • Buyware: The term “Buyware” in this context includes general shareware, cripple-ware, nag-ware, time-limited trialware, demos, and full retail software – i.e. any software that requires payment for actual use or full feature use, or to remove a “nag” such as a popup window or advertising banner. Many Buyware do offer a “free” version, but I do not usually consider this true freeware. Often requires a registration key in the registry.

“I have a problem”

If you have any issues with a specific plugin, you can try to contact the plugin author or search and post to the PE Builder support forums. Considering the age of these files, probably only a search might be helpful. Far more plugins and the latest ones are always on the forum, though most are not downloadable (cut and paste).

“The information for this plugin is wrong/wrong site/broken link/etc.”

Special note: Since this is now an archived site/database, I don’t intend on actively fixing external links and whatnot. But if you do spot something wrong, feel free to drop me a note too.

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