Files for Fujitsu P-series

My FTP archive for some Fujitsu subnotebook files is still up, but I’ve decided to do a more complete and descriptive HTTP archive below. All of these stored files are related to Fujitsu Lifebook P-series models. PDF manuals are located at the bottom.

Page 1 Description:
This is just an archived thread from the forum that I wrote to describe my FTP archive. The files are located both on the FTP and below.
CreateWXPBootCD_P.exe Description:
I created this kit for Fujitsu P-2xxx users, and it creates a working Windows XP CD from existing system files on the subnotebook. Please read the archived FTP thread linked above before using this. (It will probably work on other Fujitsu laptops released in the same time period when Fujitsu always stored the factory image on a separate partition and did not supply a true, bootable restoration CD that contained an image.)
FujitsuDISE_Floppies.exe Description:
From Darren and an anonymous donor, via”Some guy saw a posting of mine on another site about my fujitsu ish and he emailed me direct and sent me an executable to create the DISE bootable disk. Loaded it up and BAM! My p1110 is running like a fat kid to an ice cream truck.”^— (Extraneous commentary, but you get the picture :P)Notes from oion:Used on a P-1k system, probably works for other (old) Fujitsu systems. This utility will create the necessary DISE boot floppies to recover (image – reformat!) the Fujitsu notebooks; necessary to access the factory image!


Update 01/2010:
Successfully used by LittleBro for an old Fujitsu C-series (C2210) laptop.

usbdoscd.exe Description:
From:”A Windows 98 Bootdisk I made using the DUSE.EXE driver… I created this diskette for those folks having troubles getting DUSE to work with their USB CDROM drives. Download and double click this program to create the diskette
(you will need to have a blank disk handy).”


These are two crappy photos I took and then edited in Photoshop into very brief instructions on how to (1) replace the keyboard/quickpoint mechanism on the P-2000 and (2) apply keyboard overlay stickers to protect the key printing from rubbing off.
FujitsuDISE_Bootcd.iso Description:
From wuthehek via”My [Fujitsu] S-series Drivers/Apps restore CD is Bootable into DISE. It also works on my P-series. I have created an ISO and ripped out everything but the bootfiles and the install program which is a newer version of DISE than my P2040 came with. I uploaded it to your ftp. Hope someone else can use it. I find it much more convenient than using the floppy drive which I don’t ever take with me.”Notes from oion: wuthehek states this was tested on both the S-series and P-series (P-2k specifically, but probably will work on others). This should work the same as the floppies except that it’s a CD. To make this into a bootable CD, you need an ISO-burning software such as Burnatonce or an even easier option that integrates into the XP operating system: are free software. There are plenty of other ISO-burning software as well, not necessarily free.

02/2006 Description:
These are the three original desktop wallpaper options from the Fujitsu P-2000 (and I think P-1000) series, dated 2001. All three images have the squiggly “infinity” Fujitsu logo. To set this as your desktop wallpaper (Windows XP), unZIP the JPGs somewhere, right-click your desktop and choose Properties from the menu: Desktop tab > Browse button. Description:
Courtesy of NigelS from the forum (read the entire file index text on the FTP). This is the original restoration CD that came with the P-2120, but this is not a bootable CD. (The P2000 Recovery CD does NOT contain the operating system (OS). You CANNOT restore the OS from this!) This CD contains the original Fujitsu files that come with the system including PowerQuest Drive Image Special Edition, drivers (the newest drivers should still be on the official Fujitsu site), and some other proprietary utilities. Description:
I zipped the original Fujitsu P-7230 system files located in the Fujitsu folder on the main C drive. This archive includes the “Click me!” utility and drivers. Well, I think it’s mainly the ClickMe. You’re supposed to run this utility when first starting your P-7230.
FJSaver_P7230.scr Description:
This is the original Fujitsu screensaver that came with the P-7230. It’s really quite pretty, cycling an image of a cabin on a lake through the day/night cycle. Rather nostalgic.
Fujitsu Service Manuals









These are service manuals for various Fujitsu Lifebook P models, mirrored from Bill’s Fujitsu P-series website, though I did rename a couple files to more accurately reflect the model number in the actual manual. His website includes the Visible P galleries that contain more photographs of various internals. All of this is useful for part replacement.
Fujitsu P-1610: Dis/Assembly Manuals
P1610_Bluetooth Board.pdf

P1610_Display Front Cover.pdf

P1610_Display Latch.pdf

P1610_Display Rear Cover.pdf

P1610_Fingerprint Sensor.pdf

P1610_Hard Drive.pdf

P1610_IO Board_Modem.pdf


P1610_LCD and Digitizer.pdf

P1610_Lower Case.pdf

P1610_Pen Catch.pdf

P1610_Power Switch.pdf


P1610_System Board and Heat Sink.pdf

P1610_Tablet Buttons.pdf

P1610_Upper Case.pdf

P1610_WLAN Card.pdf

Here is a collection of Fujitsu Lifebook P-1610 assembly/disassembly manuals, useful for part replacement. I’ve bolded the three most common ones you’re most likely to use. These were originally found on the Leog forum (from the PCoxford website).