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Published November 27, 2013.

Create a USB recovery drive for your Surface. You can optionally save storage space if you remove the factory backup partition, but I don’t recommend that until you need to. Special note: If you buy a Surface RT with the original Windows 8.0 RT, I’d recommend that you create a recovery drive immediately before upgrading to 8.1. This is because once you upgrade to 8.1 RT, the recovery image itself will be changed to version 8.1, and you won’t be able to get back to original factory condition otherwise. Then you can create another recovery drive after upgrading to 8.1. (This does not appear to apply to the Surface Pro line.)

Register and manage your device with Microsoft to check your warranty, add optional Microsoft Complete warranty for accidental coverage, and contacting tech support for device services. (Link is for the U.S., search for other country links if necessary.)

Be mindful of Microsoft Windows patches. Microsoft is very proactive about patching, though there are rare cases where a patch is problematic (like reverting a bug): Install software patches for Surface

For Surface RT (Windows RT 8.0) first gen, how to upgrade Office RT from preview to final version (I don’t think this matters if you upgrade to 8.1, but I’m honestly not sure): Upgrade final Office 2013 RT

IE is the only web browser on Windows RT, and it doesn’t support add-ons, but you can install Tracking Protection Lists that substitute as ad-blockers. I have three installed. If you find TPL is blocking content that you want to see (like the embedded Youtube videos on this website, irony!), you can disable TPL using the little international “no” symbol in the address field.

Other Internet Explorer 11 (8.1) tips.

Super special Surface button combinations if you’re having boot/blank screen/power problems.

There are basic usage tips in Surface 2 itself now, like how to use the different swipe gestures, but you may find Youtube user videos more interesting and accessible.

Windows 8.1 gestures tutorial (3-app snapping isn’t available in the Surface by default)

Why I Love my Microsoft Surface 2: Tips and Tricks (by Sean Ong)

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